USA and Brazil say goodbye to 2021 at the top of volleyball


Gold medalist at Tokyo 2020 and at the Nations Championships, the United States leads the women’s standings with 379 points; Meanwhile, the male team from Brazil, holder of the league title and fourth seat in the event under the five rings, retained the lead with 399 units.

Among women, American women have the highest advantage over Brazilians, with translations in Tokyo (366), followed by Chinese (350), then Turks (331) and Serbs (306), who in this order make up the “top five”.

Besides these teams, the representations of Italy (sixth, 304), Dominican Republic (seventh, 303), Russia (eighth, 278), Japan (ninth, 266) and the Netherlands (tenth, 265) stand out.

In the men’s division, Brazil beat Poland (384), Russia (352), France (341) and Italy (312), taking places 2-5, respectively.

With Brazil taking the lead, America celebrating unification at the forefront of Argentina, Olympic bronzes in Tokyo, and the United States, showing 304 and 286 units in seat six and seven, in that order.

The World Championships in Russia (men), from August 26 to September 11, and in Poland – Holland (women), from September 23 to October 15, attract all the attention of the world to volleyball in the 2022 season.

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