USA women’s soccer tempts Damaris to play for its national team


Damaris Igurola was one of the greatest talents in the Spanish quarry. It is already a reality. The Basque player is a regular at Olympique Lyonnais and at the age of 22 she plays as if she were in her 30s. for this reason , Team USA had their sights set on it. The soccer girl, from a Basque father (professional Basque soccer player) and a Dutch mother, was born in Florida, USA, so she could be chosen by the American state, but also for Spain, which has always kept him in its lower classes, and for the Netherlands for his mother. Three options, although he always chose La Rojita.

According to American journalist Grant Wahl, he confirmed that the United States had already conducted a survey of the player to see if she was ready to change her shirt. There have been connections with the player’s environment, albeit elementary. By regulation, Damaris can change La Roja to another selection. However, the Basque Country is not, at least for now, in Jorge Velda’s plans That he only called him once for divorce, in 2019, when he debuted. One party and more than two years ago to choose another country to represent. Damaris was not called up on the last call, despite being called up for the U-23 team led by Laura del Río. Perhaps an insufficient call for a player who has not stopped growing in recent years.

Damaris was one of the pillars of the team that won the silver medal at the 2018 U-20 World Cup. Since then, after his stage in the lower categories, he has not only gone with La Roja once. A tactically very smart pivot, with a good view of the game and who is always where he needs to be. He won the European Under-19 Championship in 2017. Prior to that, at just 16 years old, he made his first division debut with Athletic, where he settled. However, in 2020 he decided to change the scene, and due to the training clause, he was unable to sign with any Spanish team. He packed his bags and ended up at Everton where he stayed only six months. Because in January 2021, Olympique Lyonnais decided to pay the 100,000 euros they released to take it to France. With Sonia Bombastor, Damaris is essential. He’s already added six league games and four Champions League matches.

The player will have the last word on her future but she is spoiled for choice. Spain, the United States and the Netherlands could take it, although Damaris continues to choose La Roja for the time being…

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