User wakes up with wrist burnt by Samsung Galaxy Watch

User wakes up with wrist burnt by Samsung Galaxy Watch

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It seems that oOnce again, Samsung faced head-on with one of its devices overheating after youn Reddit user you selectAnd the That watch from the Active . series Caused severe burns to the wrist while sleeping.

In the Mail from reddit Where he narrated his experienceWhich they discovered for the first time TkradarObservable Blister of burn match hallmark The style that left a smartwatch. Infected user TheMattsterofSelf, he told him The watch was a Galaxy Watch Active2, and as can be seen in On the back of the watch, it looks like it wasBluetooth model. Based on in the picture and in The cute blisters were seen on that it leather, Everything indicates that he suffered from some Minor second degree burns.

east 2019 watch has Base Wireless charging Who uses profile instead of copper connections which already They had It causes many cases skin irritation In some users .In the past. The The watch is equipped with the usual list of physical activity sensors to monitor the heart and level stress, and himself or himself User’s Manual It is recommended to use the “good night’ Silences alerts and notifications while you sleep. No problem mentioned skin irritation on Company health and safety page.

Gizmodo has not been able to independently verify this user’s claims, but The Masterof Self Commented on subreddit p/ WellThatSucks I didn’t change any settings from the device after Disable dial-up and web browsing. As he said, he went to a of interest The doctor when he saw Burns around the clock. as well as forHe signed that he did not use any kind of skin cream and that he was taking pills He fell asleep, so he didn’t feel the burn until late at night.

It seems that the cause of the burns is the device overheating. The Masterof Self He said that after suffering Burning, the device was just turned on for 15 seconds before overheating and shutting down afterwards. Samsung had to do some changes On watching Active 2 in the past Regarding his heart rate monitoring tasks, but he never admitted it Publicly there is no problem with the temperature of these hours.

“Así que no sé exactamente cómo se las apañó para hacerme esto, solo que algo sucedió mientras yo estaba KO por mis medicinas y claramente el sistema de protección contra fallos tuvo un problema”, escribió TheMattsterOfSelf. Algunos otros usuarios en el foro también mencionaron tener problemas similares con el Active 2.

Los términos y condiciones del dispositivo hacen referencia a la temperatura del dispositivo, advirtiendo que ciertas aplicaciones y el uso prolongado podrían provocar un aumento de su temperatura y que es una buena idea asegurarse de que el dispositivo mantenga una buena ventilación y flujo de aire. Sin embargo, según los comentarios del usuario, parece que el problema estaba en el dispositivo en sí.

No es la primera vez que algún miembro de la comunidad de Samsung se queja de un A similar procedure was done. with some time From the Galaxy series, especially from the models his job. However, this last case seems to have been one of the most dangerous, especially since then The user was unable to wake up in time as he began to feel the heat emanating from the device.

There were more problems than Certified with bracelets of physical activity such as ionic fits because of some Defective batteries. Aharon Users signed a class action against the company from Google because some of the modern watches The opposite and the sense They tend to High temperature.

Now there is rumors about him another possible Ongoing class action against Samsung Galaxy Watches because of all this Issue Burns and irritation. a Recent Research From quotes Numerous user reports showing signs of skin irritation or burns allegedly caused by they hours Samsung Galaxy.

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