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It is one of the applications that many love due to its ease of functionality. With it, you can make long-distance calls and video calls without paying a penny, as well as send documents with a maximum of 2 GB.

If more options are lost, It is one of the modified applications that you can download at the moment completely free of charge, in Spanish and without ads. With it, you can try all the normal WhatsApp functions and even change the color.

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How to Download WhatsAPP PLUS APK in Spanish Without Ads 2022

  • The first thing you should do is to make a backup of your normal WhatsApp.
  • Now just root it.
  • At that moment, download the APK of WhatsApp Plus using this .
  • Now give the corresponding permissions to your Android cell phone to be able to install the normal WhatsApp Plus.
  • When the installation is finished, click open, enter your cell phone number, verification code and that’s it.
  • With it, you will have WhatsApp Plus in Spanish and with all the functions that are currently being tested in WhatsApp Beta.
  • Always remember to keep WhatApp Plus updated even if a box appears saying you must update, do so or else you may be banned.

How to activate the new function of temporary messages in WhatsApp

  • First of all, you should know that this new version of temporary messages is only present, at the moment, in version of WhatsApp Beta for Android.
  • Although when you activate temporary messages in WhatsApp, they tend to disappear completely, that is, there is nothing left.
  • But now every time you activate this function, the new chats will disappear, thus leaving the oldest ones to avoid losing any kind of data.
  • For this you just have to go to WhatsApp.
  • Then go to Settings & Privacy and select “Default Duration”.
  • At that moment you will see an option that says “You must select it”.
  • Click there and you will see that you can select all your friends who have the Temporary Messages widget active.

What does the broken heart symbol mean in WhatsApp?

  • The broken heart emoji is also known in English as the broken heart.
  • This expresses the pain after someone ended their relationship with you.
  • Likewise, it can express that someone’s heart has a bad heart and that they need surgery.
  • In another context, it also indicates that your friend has suffered a cardiac arrest and that he needs to rest.

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