This great game was leaving Xbox Game Pass but decided to stay

This great game was leaving Xbox Game Pass but decided to stay

As it happens every month, some titles leave Xbox Game Pass due to the expiration of the contract with Microsoft, although before leaving, players can purchase them for such a reduced value that they are an eternal part of their library. This September was no exception, with the added bonus that We had very loyal victimsbut, nevertheless, there was a nickname that, despite the fact that he was leaving the service, decided to stay.

It should also be remembered that outputs are not always final, GTA V, for example, has been part of the service on various occasions, so perhaps the games that leave in the future will return.

Xbox Game Pass invites you to stay

When we talk about the title that decided to survive, we are referring to Aragami 2, a stealth-based game where players must control the power of the game. Shadow Essence With an assassin whose mission is to fight an invading army, which can be done alone or with up to other players in a co-op mode.

The game was to be released on September 15th but official count From production has already confirmed that it will continue to be part of the Xbox Game Pass catalog, adding that they love the service. Of course, this does not exclude the possibility that the game will say goodbye in the future, but at least it will not be in the near future.

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