Vaccination certificate. With the app, save your document on your iPhone


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The Government of Mexico, through the Ministry of Health, has made services available to the population Certificate of vaccination against COVID-19, in order for a person to check that they already have a complete dosing schedule.

Even this can be Obtained via WhatsApp. The Ministry of Health announced that it can be established through a chat bot in the mentioned application.

But through the site, people will be able to save the document digitally and therefore not print it.

On the site as described in the application Wallet Available on iPhones to securely store the vaccination certificate.

Wallet It works with iPhone and iPad and also with Apple Watch, but “pFor a better experience, it will be necessary to access this page using Safari from a computer running macOS or an iOS mobile device.

What is required to sign up for Wallet?

  • name and surname
  • corp
  • QR Certificate URL
  • Date of the first dose
  • The date of the second dose

Behind this project is Omar Talo, a Mexican programmer. Senator Miguel Angel Mancera even recommended using the site.

The former prime minister commented on Twitter that “it is an option” to get the vaccination certificate on some smartphones.

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