Vanya went out to exercise in Iztapalapa but she is no longer… that’s well known

Vanya went out to exercise in Iztapalapa but she is no longer… that’s well known

On the 13th of April this year, Fania Baron Juarez26 years old, left her home to Training in Lomas de Zaragozasubordinate Iztapalapa City Council; However, already Don’t come back.

The above has already been confirmed Laura JuarezVanya’s mother, who explained that her daughter left her home on Wednesday night and told her she was going to exercise in the neighbourhood.

“He had no money, only two pesos because he said so I was going to a pharmacy to get myself checked“I wasn’t wearing a jacket,” explained the young woman’s mother.

She usually goes for a run To the utopia of Teotongo, but yesterday when we were checking in, the police told us there was no record. To enter, they ask you to register, but you are not registered.

In addition, her mom commented that she checked in too C5 . cameras They have already visited some hospitals and Semefo, but so far there is no sign of the 26-year-old.

How did you dress Vanya?

After her relatives filed a complaint about the disappearance of Vanya Baron, the Public Prosecutor’s Office (FGJCDMX released a research bulletin.

According to the description provided, Fania Baron Juarez has strong complexion, light brown skin, a broad forehead, a medium sized mouth, bushy eyebrows, brown eyes, straight dark hair, and is 1.65 cm tall.

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Vanya was wearing a white shirt, pink pants with stripes on the sides, and white tennis shoes at the time of her disappearance.

Social networks also participate in this research by sharing data Young woman Vanya disappeared in Iztapalapa.

It should be noted that if you have any kind of information about his whereabouts, please call the following phone numbers: 55 53455080/55 53455082/55 53455067

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