Veterinarian on the Governing Board of the European Academies of Medicine


The votes of the 23 academies that make up the Federation of European Academies of Medicine, Including the Royal Academy of Veterinary Sciences of Spain (RACVE), to elect a new Federation Council, revealed on May 26. Stefan Constantinescu, a member of the Romanian and Belgian academies of medicine, will be the new president of FEAM for the next three years (2021-2024).

Constantinescu, professor of cell biology at the Catholic University of Louvain and head of the Paul Signaling Cell at the Dove Institute, emphasized that it would be an honor for me to serve FEAM at a time when medicine and science are such an important topic.

“Such as The only European network of academies focusing on human and veterinary medicine and pharmacology representing more than 4000 Among the best biomedical scientists in Europe, FEAM is in a strong position Enrich the renewed high-level commitment to the One Health agenda At the European and global level resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic and also to examine European legislation affecting biomedical research and health care provision in EU member states and associated countries with the aim of seeking better harmonization with advanced minimum molecular standards, said Stefan Constantinescu.

In his tenure, the new President highlighted that academic cooperation on the EU project ‘Scientific Advice for European Academies Policies’ (SAPEA), and the ongoing work on health inequities and spillover effects of pandemics through the EU PERISCOPE project, will remain a priority in the future.

Constantinescu also emphasized the fact that the Academy had become highly relevant in Europe to key health and biomedical science issues, such as healthy aging, health data transmission, and vaccination, among others.

Replace in the office George Griffin who welcomed him emphasizing that he is “a world-renowned clinical and biomedical scientist who will continue the reputation and importance of the Consortium of European Academies of Medicine”.

Veterinarian and Hispanic on board

In addition to electing the President, the Academies have also elected new members to the Board of Directors. As former Chairman, George Griffin will continue to serve on the next Board of Directors.

Likewise, the elections revealed that Very C Braidfield (Royal Dutch Academy of Arts and Sciences), Dominic Brun (Royal Academy of Medicine of Belgium – ARMB), Andre Justin, veterinary virologist and former vice president of the European Society of Veterinary Virology (French Academy of Veterinary Sciences), and Spanish physician Luis Martí Ponmate (The Royal National Academy of Medicine of Spain) will join the Board of Trustees as Vice-President.

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