Video: A woman coughing on an Uber driver and spraying him with pepper spray was arrested in Las Vegas


Another woman, coughing in the head of an Asian Uber driver, said she intended to give herself up.

Los Angeles, March 12th (La Opinion). – One of the women who Assaulted a driver Uber and San Francisco It was last weekend Captured in Las VegasSan Francisco Police said.

The Metropolitan Police in Las Vegas has arrested the king of Malaysia, 24 years old. She is the person who allegedly sprayed pepper inside the car after a San Francisco Uber driver refused to serve women for not complying with the requirement to wear face masks.

King is the woman sitting on the left side and wearing red in the video of the attack on the car.

The woman, identified as Arna Kimiyi, who coughed in the head of the driver, said through a lawyer that she intended to surrender to the authorities.

In recent days, Kimiai has posted a series of posts on social media with unfounded allegations against the driver, a man from Nepal.

The third woman in the car was not charged.

In a statement, Uber thanked the police for their work and condemned racial hatred towards Asian communities.

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