Video: A woman’s trick to make the room “cooler” | News from Mexico

Video: A woman’s trick to make the room “cooler” |  News from Mexico

United State. – in tik tok They share many daily life hacks and tips that people can practice and make their life a little easier.

In this context, the woman drew a lot of attention on the catwalk and she shares a way to make the room more ‘Fresh’

She noted that it only takes two things: a flexible snow blanket and a fan.

“The way to make your room and apartment ten times colder than it is now and believe me, everything helps”, Emily reassured Jane, who, after the blanket froze, proceeded to place it over the fan.“So you’ll turn on your fan and cool air will blow over you and believe me, your apartment will be at least five degrees cooler.‘ the woman continued.

The video quickly went viral and has more than 200 thousand copies And hundreds of comments from people thanking you for providing very useful home tips and are eager to put it into practice.

What is a viral video on social networks?

The term viral refers to content that is widely shared by users on various social networks. The contents that are most likely to be viral are those that appeal to emotions and those that generate controversy.

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