Video: Massive rat plague wreaks havoc in Australia


a Video Recorded by locals from some rural communities in NSW in Australia, The worst appears plague Mice They have suffered for decades after an abundant harvest of grain.

Just one pair of mice can produce an average of 500 puppies in a single season. Photo: internet.

In the photos obtained by the witness, we see how Thousands of little mice They swarm around a farm in the city of Gilgandra.

“At night, the earth moves by the thousands and thousands Mice In a hurry”, Farmer Ron McKay told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

According to local media, at least three patients have so far been treated in a local hospital for rodent bites, while supermarkets are storing food in sealed containers.

Rat pests were captured in Australia. | Photos: Reuters.

“Can you imagine that every time you open a closet, every time you go to your pantry, it’s there Mice Gifts “, Rodent expert Steve Henry, who added:

“[Los ratones] They eat from your food containers, they mess with your clean sheets in your closet, and they run around your bed all night. “

Currently, Farmers are preparing to lose lots of bales of winter hay because the rodents reproduce quickly.

Just One by one It can produce mice On average it reaches 500 puppies The media said one season.

As a way to get rid of the rat infestation, “intensive bait programs” have been implemented in Australia, but have not yet achieved great success in controlling the infestation; So locals hope the torrential rain will drown in Mice In their burrows.

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