Videos: Fireball lights up the Australian sky on Valentine’s Eve

Videos: Fireball lights up the Australian sky on Valentine’s Eve

One scientist suggests that it was a meteor that was flying at a speed of “several kilometers per second”.

Residents of Australia’s southeast coast were able to see a bright fireball lighting the night sky over the coastal city of Melbourne on Sunday.

As evidenced by the various videos circulating on social media, the orb appeared in the night sky, leaving a trail, and after a few seconds it emitted a flash of light that illuminated the vicinity of the city.

The fall of the orb occurred after 10:40 PM (local time) on February 14th. According to Australian media, this phenomenon can also be observed from several neighboring cities, including Corumbura.

As Dr. Jill Els, a physicist and lead professor at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), the flying rocks were a meteorite that could travel at speeds of “a few kilometers per second,” according to 9News.

The expert explained that technically no explosion occurred and that the bright flash captured by the cameras was the result of the interaction between the meteorite moving at extremely high speed and particles in the Earth’s atmosphere.

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