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They say that teachers are important to our society, because they help train, teach and impart knowledge, some even manage to earn the respect of their students. This is the case of Professor Julio Castro, who dedicates time in social networks Championship in the move Date Widely. It all happened in Los Angeles, California (United State).

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Julio Castro He studies mathematics in high school Yola Boys. The teacher resides in the Santa Clarita Valley and It takes four hours to get to school. According to the newspaper He uses the scooter and bus every week, because he doesn’t have a car.

great crusade

after this line, Castro He gets up at four in the morning and comes home at nine in the evening. student one day Joshua Gerndash I found the teacher looking at a group of cars in The Google Hoping to find comfortable before 1500 dollars.

When the students learned the story of the Peruvian-born teacher, they collected donations to help him. After raising nearly $30,000, they bought a 2019 Mazda 3 blue color. Even though the car is already used, it has one year insurance.

Teacher Julio Castro received a car from his students. (Photo: ABC7 | YouTube)

A surprise at school

Once they made the purchase, the boys organized a party to give the teacher his new car. “She skips lunch hour for a female student and stays after school. He also helps students who are not in their classes. He is very, very loyal to our future.” Grindish said.

for this part, Castro He was moved when he received the gift and asserted that this gesture motivates him to continue to foster a love of education: “It’s not just about knowing the answer, it’s about how you get to the answer…Mathematics is a skill that is learned with practice and dedication, and as long as you respect it, it will respect you. And don’t worry about the note, it will show up in time.”

According to the aforementioned broker, Julio Castro is the father of the family He holds a degree in biology from the University of California. “I have relatives who do not have papers, are not documented, have three jobs, are paid less than me and do not complain. I am so thankful to have a wonderful partner and wonderful children.” The teacher said.

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