United States | US intelligence will assess whether Trump endangered the country, according to the media

United States |  US intelligence will assess whether Trump endangered the country, according to the media

US intelligence will assess whether the country’s security could be jeopardized by top-secret documents that former President Donald Trump (2017-2021) stored without permission at his Mar-a-Lago residence, they reported on Saturday. Newspaper and CNN.

According to this media, the Director of US Intelligence, Avril Haines, sent a letter to a group of lawmakers to inform them that her office will carry out its work. “Assessment” of the risks to the security of the United States Which could have resulted from Trump’s disclosure of the documents. To date, it is not known why the former president owns these documents in Mar-a-Lago (Florida) and who has access to their content.

This is the first time it’s smart The United States recognizes that the country’s security may be at risk About the files Trump had at his Florida mansion that the FBI recovered during an August 8 search.

Trump could be investigated for three crimes

Information released by the Ministry of Justice so far shows that Trump and his entourage They can be investigated for three crimesObstructing the course of justice, destroying documents, and violating the Espionage Law, which is punishable by imprisonment.

According to Politico and CNN, Haines sent the letter on Friday and was directed to the chair of the House Government Oversight Committee, Carolyn Maloney, and to the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff.

It is a statement, Maloney and Schiff applaud the CIA’s decision to open an investigation To assess the potential damage to the country’s security and to order prompt investigations.

Document justifying the search of Trump’s home has been released

The announcement of the investigation coincides with the publication of the report this Friday by order of a judge to justify the FBI’s search for Trump’s Mar-a-Lago mansion.

The released version of the statement has practically been crossed outSo the most accurate details of the FBI investigation remain unknown.

However, it reveals that The FBI feared that Trump’s withholding of documents would jeopardize the identity of whistleblowers Other sources work with the US government. Trump responded to the publication of that statement with sarcasm, in an attempt to belittle it.

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