Viral: The channel leader refuses to use “everyone” in a live program and raises controversy


In social networks, TV presenter Anna Ruiz was widely criticized for refusing to use “everyone” in her live show, Hiding behind the fact that this term is not in the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE).

The TV presenter spoke out against inclusive language, saying, “I’m not saying everything because she’s not inside the language academy.” This comment sparked controversy in the social networks that once again put on the table The discussion about the use or non-use of these types of terms.

What does RAE say about using an inclusive language?

And the Royal Spanish Academy spoke about this kind of language, it was in July of last year when it published a statement on social networking sites rejecting the use of the letter “e” in language considered “alien to Spanish morphology, as well as unnecessary.”

While its proponents assert that it is a way to defend equality from language, its opponents assert that it threatens the economy of language and that it does not contribute to more just societies.

In the face of this controversy, linguists remember that Language is not a fixed identity, it changes over time and adapts to the needs of the speakers.



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