Visa to the United States and countries with better salaries and payments in dollars 2022

Visa to the United States and countries with better salaries and payments in dollars 2022

The United States is one of Countries where thousands of migrants arrive every day in search of opportunities It aims to improve their income, among other things, in the current value of the currency.

At least this is the situation of hundreds of Colombians who have arrived on American soil or made plans to travel soon, For whom this list can serve as a guide to knowing which regions of the United States they can earn better pay, Depending on circumstances such as the type of visa, job opportunities and conditions in which they arrive or are in.

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According to CNN, At the moment, as in Colombia, inflation is rising dramatically and many citizens They wonder if the state they are in is the right state to improve or preserve their finances. “The answer involves evaluating multiple variables, including income,” he points out.

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The United States: the states with the best salaries in 2022

According to the US Department of Commerce, citing CNN, These are the states where the most money is paid (per inhabitant of the state) at the moment:

  1. Massachusetts
  2. Connecticut
  3. New York
  4. California
  5. New Jersey
  6. n.
  7. Washington
  8. Maryland
  9. Colorado
  10. Alaska

Although pay ranges are not described in each of these states, many are included among those who pay their workers the best minimum hourly wages. In California, for example, the hourly minimum is paid $14. Many hope that in January 2023 that amount will rise to $15.50 an hour.

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The District of Columbia also has a good salary. It’s the highest minimum wage schedule at $15.20 an hour.; It is followed by Washington ($14.49 an hour) and Massachusetts ($14.25).

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