Vox is asking the government to take a proactive stance to ensure the US transfer of Africa military command to Spain


Madrid, March 14 (Europe Press) –

Vox wants the government to rally to get the United States to choose Spain as its new command location for Africa, with the economic and job-creating consequences that the surge of American forces on Spanish soil will have.

For months, the possible departure of the US Armed Forces in Africa Command, AFRICOM, from its current location in Stuttgart (Germany) to another adjacent environment was on the table, despite Joe Biden’s victory in The Election and the United States suspended the process.

However, Vox wants the government not to wait and rally to inform the US administration of the “benefits” offered by Spanish bases for hosting this military fixation.

In an illegal proposal registered in Congress that Europa Press had access to, Vox insists that moving this leadership of Africa to the Morón and Rota bases would mean a major investment in the territory, which would “revitalize and boost” its economy.

But it also highlights that it will mean a “quantum leap” in the bilateral relations between the two countries, which can be considered “an amazing diplomatic success” for Spain and a “strengthening” of relations with the United States.

Report on the “advantages” of Spain

To achieve this, the government is required to prepare a report outlining the “advantages and qualities” of Spain to host AFRICOM and its “privileged position” in terms of geological strategy, logistics, security, infrastructure development, weather, or proximity to Africa. Continent.

And to send this analysis to the United States administration with all necessary “political, economic, diplomatic or any kind” measures, advocates in the initiative signed by Vox in Defense spokesperson, Agustín Rosety.

Vox also notes in his book that this transfer will force the House of Representatives to approve an amendment to the Cooperation Agreement entered into by Spain and the states, given that it would exceed the maximum number of military personnel as expected in its current formulation.

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