VS / Oscar Pettar targets prototypes in America


Paraguayan pilot Oscar Petar, who at the time excelled in rallying and currently competes on the Brazilian tracks, is an ambitious project that will take him to the North American circuits, nothing more and nothing less than the sporty prototypes of an IMSA-class LMP3.

A very important step for Paraguayan motorsport will take place on December 10 at Palm Beach Raceway, in Florida, USA, where Paraguayan driver Oscar Petar will have the opportunity for the first time to test with the race car. IMSA Prototype Challenge of the LMP3 category.

The car that Bittar will be able to spin is the Ligier LMP320 with a Nissan V6 engine with 460 hp, capable of reaching 300 km / h. Oscar Bitar implements a physical and conductive development program in order to get the test in the North American country in the best possible way.

If a possible entry in the class is confirmed, Bittar will join Paraguay’s current list of contenders in the elite class, such as Fabrizio Zaldívar in WRC3, or Joshua Durksen in the FIA ​​Regional Formula 3.


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Paraguay football

December 7 12:57

Cerro Porteno captain Juan Patiño, captain of Cerro Porteno, directed everything against Guarani’s goalkeeper, Gaspar Servio, who treated him poorly and very “special” on the field with all opponents.

“I have an account on hold with him, but in court it’s over. I won’t talk anymore, we are already heroes, this really happened, this guy is special. I won’t say what he said to me”, surprisingly revealed Cerro Porteno defender in a conversation with Radio Versus.

Before that, he even commented that he really wanted to hit the Argentine goalkeeper, who, according to him, is doing everything in his power to be hated by everyone. Before the confrontation with Rudi Ferreira, Patino paid Servio everything, but was about to do something else, he said.

He might be straight red (when I tip Ferrera), then when I went to push Servio, I went to hit him, but I’m so strong mentally, I stopped myself. Maybe he can kick me out for the little kick I gave Rudy.”, I acknowledge.

Juan Patiño categorically expressed his hostility to Servio, but commented that despite this, he had previously treated him in the best way. “Although I greeted him well, I would not hold him in his face and would not be mean to anyone.”repeat.


Paraguay football

December 7 12:26

The Clausura tournament was decided last weekend by Cerro Porteno with the title and the right to play the Super Cup, as Olympia was already waiting for him, days before he won the Paraguayan Cup.

With those sent off and cards piled up on the last date of the tournament, the question arose as to whether all players from both teams would be available for the super classic that would determine the first Super Cup in history.

And they confirmed from the AFC Disciplinary Court not to transfer the suspension of the Clausura Championship to the Super Cup match, claiming that it was “not an official tournament.”

It was Dr. Raul Bruno, a member of the Disciplinary Tribunal, who confirmed to the broadcast media that both Juan Patiño and Alan Benitez, expelled on Clausura’s last date, and Richard Ortiz, whose fifth warning against Nacional had arrived, would be available to play next Sunday.

“Technically, this is not an official match, but it is not a friendly match either. It is an event organized by the AFC, but we are still seeing how this match is ranked,” the lawyer said, without clarifying which category is first. Super Cup edition falls..

Given this, the question also arises that if a player is sent off in a Super Cup match, when will he apply the penalty and whether the penalty will be carried out or sent off.


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