Wasim: “I look forward to the start of the season to show my value.”

Wasim: “I look forward to the start of the season to show my value.”
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Mathematical Writing, March 9th (EFE). Wasim Amiz is one of the great promises of the Spanish Fund. His qualities and determination earned him to join NN Running, the most important international professional sports team whose ranks include, among others, members such as Eliud Kipchoge, the world record holder of the marathon.
Umez (Nerja, Malaga, 1999) won the silver at the European Junior Championships in 2018, and in 2019 he won in Croce de Atapuerca and in 2020 he set a record under 23 in Spain for a distance of 5,000 meters in Monaco (13: 13.14). ), Plus a large national record of 5 kilometers on the road in Nijmegen (Netherlands) with 13:19.
This progression allows him to live a dream in the NN Running team, with whom he trained for several weeks at Kapchorwa (Uganda), away from his coach and mentor Antonio Serrano.
Wasim told EFE, “My preparation is awesome. I follow the training sessions on a daily basis. Slowly but surely and with great enthusiasm,” he focused on training and learning from each of the best long-distance runners in the world with those who share his race every day, like the Ugandan Joshua Chiptiji.
The Spanish athlete, who is involved in a fierce work routine, admits: “The residence in Uganda caught my attention. The climate and scenery … without a doubt is an ideal place to train.”
“At 6:30 we train, at 8:30 we eat breakfast, at 13 we eat, at 16 we return to training and at 20 we have dinner,” he reveals.
All exercises are at a height to better prepare. The big challenge this year is the Tokyo Olympics. “My main goal is 5000. I want to set a great record and that’s why I’m really looking forward to Tokyo.”
A little over four months ahead of his appointment in Japan, Wasim Omez only thinks “now to be in good health, healthy and physical”.
“I want to continue training and take the form to prepare for competitions to achieve this minimum and qualify clearly,” he declares.
Since his signature was announced by NN Running Team at the end of December 2020, the Spanish athlete has been living in a cloud but without lifting his feet off the ground.
“Honestly, since everything happened, I have become more enthusiastic and focused on training. Now I look forward to the season to show what I really deserve,” confirms Wasim, who considers “a dream to be part of this team.” “
“In this new team, I want to continue to grow both sporting and personally. Before seeing these athletes on TV, now sharing a jersey with them is a luxury,” he highlights.
Wasim has a very high level of advancement for his youth. “I am a very proud person and very strict with myself, so I always want to improve and learn. I am young, I can still give a lot of myself and I will definitely do so.”
In fact, one of the athletes he trusted the most is Cheptegei, who in 2020 broke three world records, 5,000 meters on the track and road and 10 km on the track.
He concludes, “Cheptegei told me, as a tip, to continue training as I have been doing so far, with patience, that way I’ll be strong.”
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