Watch the Disney Plus shows starting in January

Disney Plus will release a series of movies, documentaries, and series in January.

In addition to the messages related to Marvel, there are also new movies and original content.

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For example, there are 15 WandaVisions available on Friday that tell the story of these two Avengers.

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Doolittle 3. -15. Inero

Everest Expedition – January 15

Gender Revolution – January 15th

Magic Camp – January 15th

Solo Evan – January 22

The Book of Life – January 22nd

Finding Amelia – January 22

Wild Uganda – January 22

Total Rhythm – January 22

Girl and girl from January 2 to 22

Ramona and Bezos – 29 Di Inero

Giveaway – January 29


Much Beyond: Create a Frozen II Movie – January 8th

Marvel Studios Legends – Jan 8

Clareli Park – Jan 8

Art Attack, Season 3 – January 8

The Science of the Absurd, Season 3-6 – Jan 8

TOTS: Animal Transportation Service – January 15th

When the bell rings – January 15th

Pajamas Festival, seasons 2-3 – 15 January

WandaVision – January 15

The life of a dog with Bill Farmer – January 15th

Veterinary Secrets, Season 2 – January 22

Muppets now – 22 years ago

Pixar Popcorn – Jan.22

High School Musical: Music: Singing – January 22nd

My Home, My Ugly Beauty – Jan.29

Kikiwaka camp – January 29

Marvel 616-29 Jan

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