We are in negotiations with the United States government: Emma Coronel’s attorney


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We are in negotiations with a government United State To find out which path we will follow R.After resigning Emma Coronel a A preliminary hearingHe informed his attorney Marielle Colon.

He said in an interview with Azusena Orste about Formula group.

Marielle Colon stressed that if she chose not to fight the issue, the benefits that Emma Coronel could have received would be negotiated, since Sometimes people don’t want to fight and decide to take responsibility, but to make a profit. ”

“Emma can plead guilty in exchange for better conditions, less punishment, and those months or years that she could spend in prison are greatly reduced,” he added.

He indicated that in the case Emma Coronel It’s a choice, because she has a nine-year-old girl and she has to be with them to be able to take care of them the right way, because in the situation that she is in, she cannot talk to her.

Our main goal is to get Emma out of jail as quickly as possible: a lawyer

Marielle Colon made it clear that her main goal as a defense attorney is to get Emma Coronel out of prison as soon as possible and not rule out negotiation.

He confirmed that the only person who knows about Emma Coronel’s condition is L.Or that everyone knows what came out of the witness’s mouth in a trial El Chapo Guzman.


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