We humans made the dog develop this side of his body, he was more “friendly” – he taught me about science

We humans made the dog develop this side of his body, he was more “friendly” – he taught me about science

The relationship between Humans And dog It was a unique and profound connection that developed over thousands of years. In this evolutionary event, Fangs They adopted specific characteristics that distinguished them from their predecessors Wolves. newlyA revealing study conducted by researchers from science universities Tekyo And based on Show in Japan He highlighted a seemingly trivial but important peculiarity: eye color Follower dog.

This study suggests that dog Their brown eyes have evolved to express kindness and generate a natural desire for care on their part Humans. Let's see how this discovery could redefine our understanding of canine evolution.

Canine eye morphology

Scientists have investigated the visual appearance of the object dogthe Pets The oldest in the world, compared to them Close relativesthe Wolves. the Domestication Follower dog Dating back between 15,000 and 50,000 years ago, a process that involved both Natural selection how industrial. By looking at facial images dog Of 33 races, Researchers They made a comparison Iris colourfocusing on whether this affects Human perception Follower Fangs.

Choose eye color

The surprising conclusion was that eye color Follower dogmostly dark brown or black, is the result Human preference During the process Domestication. Unlike Wolveswhose eyes tend to be yellow, dog Developed a dark iris, a trait recommended even in Authentic upbringing. This result indicates that selection eye color It was not only aesthetic, but also played a decisive role in their relationship Humans And dog.

Source: Royal Society Open Science
The friendly look

Investigations revealed that photos dog People with brown eyes are seen as friendlier Humans. this ImagineAccording to ResearchersIt can arouse a natural desire to care about them the animals. the dogWith their dark eyes, they evolved to send signals A non-threatening look to HumansWhich strengthens the emotional bond between both species.

Evolutionary implications

The study assumes that dog People with dark eyes developed this trait as an evolutionary strategy to adapt to their environment Humans. capacity Communicates effectively with Humans It was the key to survival and prosperity dog Throughout history. By adopting A Look less threateningthe Fangs He won the favor HumansThus ensuring their care and protection.

as you see, Evolution of dogs These are not just physical or behavioral changes, but also subtle adaptations that have strengthened your relationship Humans And Fangs. option eye color Like a Hallmarkheading to Communicate kindnesshighlights the complexity development And the interconnection between the two types.

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