The new minister noted that “the guiding principles are clear” regarding the administration he has started in the field of science and technology. Orlando’s successor Macchio noted that “the country’s modernization, innovation and technology” will be asked, primarily “to try to eliminate the use of paper, to be as digital as possible.”

He explained that the idea would be to “support entrepreneurs and businessmen to achieve efficiency.” Regarding work in the government, Gomez announced that “intersections will be sought with other ministries, with the university, INTA and other offices.”

He also declared, “We must provide the province with material support, prepare the existing human capital and a lot, but it must be trained and serve the new era.” He concluded by saying that “the connection is necessary because the provision of resources is useful but it is necessary that the entire province be able to access the Internet.”


Jorge Antonio Gómez worked in private activity, and in 2015 he began to engage in politics, and was elected a member of the Itati city council, by the liberal assembly. He commented that in 2019, when the ministry was created and Orlando Maceo was appointed, he was appointed to his position as Secretary of Technology Connection.

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