What are the requirements to obtain it in Argentina?

What are the requirements to obtain it in Argentina?

Thousands of Argentines aspire to the “American Dream”. This is the business, and possibly the settlement in the country that they watched over and over again in Hollywood movies, and the youngest, on the Netflix series. In fact, this is the second most-chosen destination, after Spain, among those looking for new horizons.

However, Many things are unlike cinema. Be prepared to fill out forms, gather information, attend an interview, and then wait for approval of the process. We refer to Work visa in the United States: What are the requirements for obtaining it in Argentina.

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The first step is having a company (from the US) to secure a job for us. This is, first and foremost, someone must support the employment file with the DOL and USCIS. In this way, you must justify that you need our talent to accomplish a certain task.

The procedures are carried out at the United States Embassy in Buenos Aires.

At this point, this should be clarified The United States grants 75 different types of visas; 21 of them relate to travel, work and study. So before embarking on a sea of ​​shapes and requirements, It is pertinent to carefully check which type of visa you are compatible with.

Nothing is better than a visit the page. It should also be noted that there is an annual quota. For temporary workers around the world (non-immigrants) there are about 66,000 visas available and for permanent workers about 140,000.

As we said, first, the future employer must apply for a work permit with USCIS (Form I-129). Once approved, you will receive a Form I-797 Issued in the United States.

A temporary worker visa only allows you to work in specific occupations for a limited period (generally three years). Your family can live there and even study, but not work. Even if the employment period is extended (for example, after three years), the family must return to Argentina.

Youth employment.  Typical IT office in New York.

Youth employment. Typical IT office in New York.

The interview for a work visa

In the United States, it can be said that there are “visa families” grouped according to letter and number codes. H visas cover experienced workers from most industries and services.

The government can require a potential employer to submit various certificates to the Ministry of Labor. Practitioners also fall into this category, but this does not guarantee them a job at the end of the practice.

Those with extraordinary abilities in science, art, education, business, or sports, or who have excelled in film or television, can apply to O visa.

Meanwhile, some athletes, like Baseball players and artists, such as professional music groups, may qualify for P visas. Q is intended for those who participate in cultural exchange and; The R is for religious workers.

They aren’t the only types of visas: there are also L visas for individuals who are transported by companies from Argentina to the United States. s E1 and E2 visas, for traders and investors, allow you to develop and even manage a company in which you have invested heavily.

Miami works in hotels and remains a fountain for Argentines.

Miami works in hotels and remains a fountain for Argentines.

Once the corresponding category has been created, the next step is to complete the e-nonimmigrant visa application and print out the DS-160 confirmation form, all in Official website of the US Department of State.

Then, make an appointment for an interview at the Consular Section of the United States Embassy in Argentina, well in advance, even without tickets or accommodations because the visa may be refused. At this time, the embassy only grants interviews in cases of emergency. The tariff is the same $ 190.

To request the interview, you must create a user account on the embassy website. Complete the registration, enter the DS-160 confirmation number, give an address to receive the documents that the consular section will send, pay the nonimmigrant visa application fee and set an appointment.

For the interview, you must bring a valid passport (if applicable, as well as previous passports that you obtained a visa from the United States); DS-160 confirmation page and recent 5×5 cm color photograph.

Foreigners residing in the country must also present a copy of the DNI (both sides). Another requirement: the petition receipt number based on Forms I-129 or I-797 (for H visas).

The Residence of the US Embassy in Buenos Aires: A Historic Palace.

The Residence of the US Embassy in Buenos Aires: A Historic Palace.

Of course, as we said, the process is not always satisfactory. Articles 221g and 214b of the Immigration Law are the most frequently cited articles of rejection. They can request more documents or for us to fill in some missing information.

In this case, if the amendment is made within the year of the deposit, there is no need to pay the fee again. But if the authorities raise insurmountable objections, it is very likely that there will be no refund.

What is a green card

Work is also a way to obtain permanent residency, The green card called (Green Card) is nothing but the card that gives the right to permanent residence. Preferences are indicated, as in the previous cases, by letters: the EB-1, EB-2 and EB-3 visas.

In short, it includes people with special abilities in science, arts, education, business, or sports; Distinguished professors or researchers; A profession that requires a college or bachelor’s degree, among other requirements.

Another way to obtain a green card is through the Diversity Visa Lottery (DV program). Every year, the government withdraws about 50,000 such visas. From October 7th to November 10th every year, one can register for this draw.

At the end of this year, the green cards corresponding to 2023 will be drawn. All details can be found at The official page of this program Special from the United States.

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