The Houston squads disaster is undeniable

The Houston squads disaster is undeniable

Almost every city in the United States has teams in all of the sports leagues and it is rare for them to each have a good season at the same time, but the rarest thing is that they all perform poorly, like an undeniable disaster for the Houston teams.

The three were drawing big things a few years ago.

Alongside the NBA is the Houston Rockets, who have had a good team, but the tournament has always been helpless. In the NFL there is the Houston Texans, who offered the playoffs and were close to the Super Bowl, but history has repeated itself, and they fell by the wayside.

The only championship to win in recent years was MLB Houston Astros in 2017. Unfortunately for them, all that glory was tainted by accusing them of stealing mentions, which helped them win this year’s World Championship.

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Everything fell apart for the fans of these teams.

Houston’s bad stage started with the Astros, because after they became champions, everything started in free fall. Several team members were charged, suspended and fired, and have since been unable to return to the World Championships.

This bad luck was transferred to other teams in town. Next on the list was the NBA’s Houston Rockets who, despite having James Harden out there, always failed the championship fight. Additionally, for the 2020-21 season, they lost their stars as Russell Westbrook went to the Wizards and James Harden to the net.

As if that wasn’t enough, Texas is in trouble, too.

At the end of the 2020 campaign, in which they had only won 4 matches, the midfielder, Deshaun Watson, requested that he be replaced by another team, as he was uncomfortable. If they do, then Team Houston’s disaster will continue to add bad episodes to their fans.

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