The footballer who broke Cristiano’s record with the highest goal in history


Bevis Mugabe can really boast of scoring The highest goal in football history. Amid the Motherwell Score a header by jumping 75 cm above the ground. Combined with a height of 1.87, the Ugandan footballer was able to head the ball at a height of 2.62 meters, Surpassing the mark of Cristiano Ronaldo, Who holds the record with 256.

That way the team player who plays on Scottish Second Division The player with the highest goal becomes. Historic goal happened already in the match between Ross Country Motherwell Plus It was used for the visiting team to take a 1-2 win. International with Uganda He finished with a header corner kick that gave his team the three points, Who after the match became responsible for reversing Mugabe’s record through their social networks.

Multiply the target value that exceeds the value Cristiano with Juventus Turin in 2019. The Portuguese scored against Sampdoria The highest goal in football so far. The former Real Madrid player was able to tie the head with the ball 2.56 meters long, jump 71 cm.

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