Athletics | The Kiplimo Half World Marathon is the history of Uganda and Cheptegei has run out of medals


All lights are installed on it. Joshua Chiptege made his debut in an international half marathon, but the 24-year-old Ugandan was the big star of the World Cup in Gdynia among 105 participating athletes from 45 countries.The world champion in the 10,000-meter cross-country race, who was looking for an unprecedented triple crown in Poland, in unison in athletics, wanted to show that he was the coach, That his legs destroy in the same way kilometers on the ground, asphalt, tartan, or even beach sand … as the finish line of the competition was by the majestic Baltic Sea.

In the past two months, Cheptegei broke the world record of 5,000 meters in Monaco and 10,000 meters in Valencia and 58:01 Kenyan Geoffrey Camoror (three-time world champion in a row and absent in the race after being run over by a motorcycle in June) shuddered due to the Ugandan talent imbalance. The first champion was Swiss Wanders who attempted to escape under the vigilant control of ‘Chiki’ Pérez, one of the five Spanish bullets in the competition, But soon the Ethiopians and Kenyans decided to control the first kilometers. Of course, with Perez, Lamadasem and Mashaal at the top of the group.

The entire Spanish team is in Gdynia.

In the middle of the second round of the scheduled four innings, Kenyan Kandy and Ethiopian Adola made a drastic change of pace that led to the blowout of the lead group. She departs in a little over twenty, with the adorable Perez doing everything to stay sticky, their list of potential winners. Of course, with Cheptegei’s impressive presence maintains control And with fellow Kiplimo, he is almost attached to his body.

The kilometers passed and the group started gradually reducing units with another extremely powerful Candy Arion leaving only African athletes in the leading group. 13:54 in 5000 from 10-15 explained that the final score would be amazing and only a select few could follow the combination. Even Cheptegei went to the end and left doubts About whether he was in trouble or he was so excruciating that he stayed calm.

It didn’t take long to solve the puzzle, at least at first, before another wild change of Kandy continued and augmented by Ugandan Kiplimo. Cheptegei prolonged his stride and gained positions. Ethiopian and Lyn Albino were rushing his medal choices after Chiptiji who saw what the big rivals in the feat would be his young fellow countryman (19 years old) and Kandy.

TheThe battle for gold was decided by the final change of Kiplimo (13:38 from 15 to 20 kilometers, 27:22 from 10 to 20 kilometers) which gave Uganda the first individual medal (with a championship record 58:49) in a. Half the World Marathon. Candy was silver and bronze Walelegn. Cheptegei took fourth place.

On the Spanish side Lammasm was 31st with 1 hour 1:21 (best character), Perez finished 36, Michel 46 (best character, 1: 2:30), Arróspide 84º and Blanco 103º. By country, Kenya leads the way over Ethiopia and Uganda. Spain is ranked eighth, and the third European country. A big role, no doubt.

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