Cristiano Ronaldo’s well-being as coach of Juventus impressed his team-mates


What can you say about it Cristiano Ronaldo? The striker is one of the best soccer players in the world and there are those who argue that he is discussing his tenure Lionel Messi. Both are personalities on their team, and the Portuguese, after his brilliance at Real Madrid, came to Juventus so that Italian football could enjoy him on and off the field. For example, in today’s training at Vecchia Signora, Lusitanian introduced magic with a series of mini-games along with pinwheels, which dazzled his teammates. These pictures were seen on the Turin networks and they were all furious.

CR7 raised the ball, slotted it between his legs, and at one point it got stuck and that photo was emblematic of Thursday. It was a few seconds, but it was enough to catch the attention of his teammates, who never cease to like him in every training session. He could look in those flashes for the best way to warm up, focus on the performance one hundred and ten percent and mimic his memory. Diego Armando Maradona, Who in the run-up to the 1994 World Cup in the United States, played very few balls of any type and size (soccer, tennis and golf) and emphasized that “that was a focus.”

Cristiano enjoys this kind of quiche in the practices of the current Italian champion, and today he is fourth in Serie A, seven points behind leaders Milan, and with one game less. His team is also seeking glory in the Champions League, as it will visit Porto on February 16 in the first leg of the Round of 16.

However, his appearance was not for the podium because Cristiano went above and beyond. He is thirty-six years old, an example of overcoming, and he made that clear in the last match of the Coppa Italia when he got angry because of his coach Andrea Pirlo, Take it out after turning two goals. The striker, the current Calcio’s top scorer with 15 transfers (4 penalties), is not satisfied with his hunger for glory. He lives 24 hours a day focusing on his work and that is why he did not need time to adapt in this league and the level he has shown since his arrival in Italian football was not surprising.

The Portuguese are natural leaders who do not need to wear a captain’s belt, as he kills himself in every training session and then the result appears on the field, where he usually takes his teams to a higher level. It is true that Juventus came from the sweep of the last nine tournaments in Italy in a row, and this year they are not looking at everyone from above. Although it is also true that Ronaldo’s team-mates have an extra motivation every time they go out on the field which is to have someone like him, inspiring them to give their best and because he infects them with his dedication.

How far will CR7 go? Only he knows. If you want to be the highest-scoring soccer player in history and ruin any global controversy, you can definitely do so. With records breaking and continuing to network breaking, the popular “work of the week” is not a slogan for this number one. He is someone who breathes football and when he wants, he delivers magic, as it is today.

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