What does changing the US position on Venezuela mean? international

What does changing the US position on Venezuela mean?  international

United State Reverse within two days your foreign policy on “enemies” How do Cuba or Venezuela In recent years, this has been an attempt”rearrangeState priorities in the region, Experts testify.

(See: Economic Sanctions Lifted by the United States on Venezuela.)

It says in the case of Venezuela Mauricio Jaramillo, Professor of International Relations at the Universidad del Rosario, The truth must be understood from a broader perspective: “It is the United States that adopts the democratic line in recognizing that sanctions are not effective enough“.

(See: US lifts economic sanctions on Venezuela.)

The United States wants a new intervention in Venezuela and officially recognizes that a policy based only on sanctions is a failure“, She said.

east”Timonazo“Biden’s government, Jaramillo comments, can generate fallout in more difficult areas, Like the Republican Party, where he actually got darts from Senator Marco Rubio or Bob Mendes.

(See: Venezuela Changes Course and Opens Door to Private Capital.)

The ‘sanctioned state’ narrative is beginning to unravel, and it remains to be seen whether this translates into concrete actions that allow for a greater deepening of decriminalization.Andres Guevara, from Omnis, added.


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