The United States, Canada and China are some of the countries where the work of Okuda San Miguel, who included Pikachu in a mural in Quito, can be found | Ecuador | News

The United States, Canada and China are some of the countries where the work of Okuda San Miguel, who included Pikachu in a mural in Quito, can be found |  Ecuador |  News

his name is Oscar San Miguel But the artistic world presents itself Okuda San Migueland according to his own words when he reached anywhere in the world, his task was to “transform the gray cement of cities into colours” and his art reached Ecuador, specifically Quito.

In the Ecuadorean capital, he did a mural in the historic city center, which He raised criticism for including Pikachu in the workwhich honors embroidery for women in the municipality of Llano Grande, which is part of the CaminArte project of the municipality of Quito, as part of the celebration of the bicentenary of the Battle of Pichincha.

“I’m very used to being the one putting the flag in places. I think Quito will change a lot because my mission in the world is, in part, to turn the gray cement of cities into color. “And above all in something more cultural that everyone can enjoy,” San Miguel said in an interview with the agency. EFE.

Regarding the mural in the capital, he commented, “It really is like a mix up Between the language of almost digital architecture mixed with ancestral styles, such as Andean, Mayan, Inca, African or Asian culture.”

Geometric harmony combined with a multicolored world is the style that defines Spanish. “In his work, the geometric structures of rainbows are mixed with organic forms, identityless bodies…and symbols that invite thought into pieces of art that can be classified as Pop Surrealism with a clear essence to street shapes,” he reads. Personal Biography.

His works often raise questions about existentialism, the universe, infinity, the meaning of life, and the pseudo-freedom contradictions of society, demonstrating a conflict between modernity and our roots; In short, between him and man,” they add in describing their work.

His works, in addition to being in Quito, are found in many countries around the world.

Okuda San Miguel mural in Quito.

And as far as South America is concerned, it has also been in Peru I am working on the Inkapendencia project.

Okuda San Miguel worked in Peru. (taken from

Other countries in the world:

United State: Dallas, Denver, Sacramento, Arkansas, New York, among other cities.

Artwork by Okuda San Miguel in Denver, United States. (taken from

Canada: Vancouver, Toronto and Edmonton.

wall in Vancouver. (taken from


(taken from


Work in Ibiza. (taken from


(taken from

Morocco, West, sunset

(taken from


(taken from


(taken from

To these countries have been added: Belgium, Romania, Sweden, Poland, France, China, Taiwan and Australia, as well as the island of Mauritius, among others.

Other data:

Recently, in the neighborhood of Usera, in Madrid, he opened his new studio Factory of Dreams. According to EFE, it will host samples from different artists and will also be a workshop for their work.

Okuda, the author of a controversial mural in Kito, has used Pikachu and animated characters in other works

He currently has an open exhibition at the K 11 Museum in Guangzhou, China.

San Miguel has been involved in video games and is focusing on “New Champions” as well as NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens). “It’s a new language to me, a kind of animation between drawing and reality,” he said. EFE.

In November, it plans to open a “Super Gallery” in Madrid. (me)

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