What exactly is a day on Venus?


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Pending questions like the exact duration of One day on Venus, its axis tilt Pulp volume Solved by 15 years of radar signals Over and over from the Earth to its cloudy surface.

Venus is our sister planet And after these basic properties They were still unknownJean-Luc Margot, Professor of Earth, Planetary and Space Sciences at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), who led the research published in magazine Natural Astronomy.

What is the duration of a day on Venus?

New radar measurements, Implemented between 2006 and 2020Show it An average day on Venus lasts exactly 243.0226 Earth days, That is, approx Two-thirds of the year on Earth. In addition, experts claim that the rotation speed of Venus is always changing.

Measured value in one go It will be slightly higher or lower than the previous value. The researchers estimated a one-day duration of each of the individual measurements and their observation Differences of at least 20 minutes.

Additionally, the team reported this Venus is tilted 2.6392 degrees to one side, while Earth is tilted about 23 degrees. Based on measurements of rotation, he also calculated this The planet’s core is about 3,500 kilometers in diameter, Just like Planet Earth, though they still can’t figure out if that is the case Liquid or solid.

Earth and Venus have a lot in common: Each of the planets has roughly one rocky one Same size, mass and density. However, as these results show, It has evolved in very different ways. Basics like How many hours are there on Venus Day Provide important data for Understand the contrasting histories of these neighboring worlds.


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