What happened to the deposit of 31 million tons that was discovered in the African country?

What happened to the deposit of 31 million tons that was discovered in the African country?

In early June 2022, the Ugandan government very firmly announced Huge gold deposits discoveredin fact, the largest in the history of the entire exploitation of this mineral: 31 million tonsas he said afterwards Spokesperson for the country’s Ministry of Raw Materials and Energy Development, Suleiman Mweta.

The information was already brief at that time, although it was widely disseminated. In addition to the announcement by Mweta’s spokesperson and statements by some other Ugandan officials – among them the country’s Minister of Energy and Mining Development, Ruth Nankabirwa Sentamu, who echoed the findings in Your Twitter accountLittle is known about this issue.

It should be noted, however, that the information was correct, since in addition to the aforementioned government announcement, Reuters news agency reported.

after one month, Status information has gained accuracy in some details And also, on the other hand, raising advertising A major movement in the global economy.

Regarding the details, it should be noted that although the figure of 31 million tons is impressive in itself, and perhaps for this same reason it was used as a heroine in the Ugandan government announcement, the most accurate category in this regard is that the mentioned amount corresponds to “gold ore”This is it, “a rock rich in gold” But it must be treated in a certain way pure gold extractionexplains Ester Boixereu i Vila, a geologist specializing in mineral resources at the Institute of Geological Mining in Spain, who was consulted by the site Newtral.es.

In this sense, of the 31 million tons of deposits found, the amount of gold that can be extracted will be approximately 320 thousand tons. A number in any way higher than what has been historically obtained from other gold deposits in the world.

On the other hand, the Ugandan government’s announcement raised fears in the antipodes of the planet: China, the country in which I grew up. Many of the largest mining companies in the world. Among these, the company wagajaya gold mining specialist, is already in talks with the Ugandan parliament to set up a mining plant in the country.

At this point, it is important to note that the primary intention of the Ugandan government, at least for now, is to take advantage of the discovery of the deposit to form national exploitation of the same thing. And in the case of foreign companies also seeking to do mining business there, significant fees will be charged for doing so.

Without a doubt, this scenario will change even more in the coming months and even years. Such an attractive treasure usually attracts all kinds Attention and ambition.

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