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Two years ago, a social networking event called for an alleged assault on Area 51, which is a base US Air Force. It is located in remote Lincoln County in southern Nevada.

The event, which began as a joke by college student Matty Roberts, ended up becoming a media phenomenon that put the United States government on alert because the goal was to enter the restricted military zone and find out if such a place even existed. Aliens hidden.

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Namely, the secrecy that surrounded Area 51, also known as Groom Lake, Homey Airport, Dreamland, Paradise Ranch or Watertown Stripes, has made it an inexhaustible source of conspiracy theories for decades.

According to the newspaper the scientist In Spain, this base began serving as an airfield in 1942 under the name of the Auxiliary Field of the Indian Air Force Springs and was later occupied by the CIA as a test base for Project Aquaton, which consisted of developing an aircraft of strategic reconnaissance in April 1955.

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A project due to its secrecy could not be developed systematically, which soon began to give rise to doubts and theories. This area was not used as a traditional air base, but to support the development and testing of new weapons systems or research projects, allowing for ambiguity as it is not currently available to the civilian public.

For this reason, what can happen if an unauthorized person tries to enter the area is that they are arrested for violating federal property. For example, 10 days after the event was recalled in 2019, a Dutch YouTuber and a friend of the same nationality were arrested and sentenced to three days in prison after entering 4.8 kilometers into the Nevada National Security District, near Area 51.

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During the alleged attack, the furthest they reached was the back door of the military base, where some people “protested” the government facility’s guards with signs referring to aliens, journalist Mick Akers reported at the time, from Las Vegas. Journal review.

Two men were arrested during that day, one for urinating on the door and the other for trying to get in.

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