What is the difference between chocolate, cocoa and cocoa?


The chocolate, The cocoa and the cacao They are foods that can be similar, but have significant differences between them: from the smell to the same flavour, each has unique characteristics that make them unique.

One of the main reasons for his association with these three is that his base comes from the same thing cocoa fruit; However, her situation is different.

here we tell you Key Differences Between Chocolate, Cocoa and Cocoa; Take notes and learn to distinguish between them once and for all.

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The differences between chocolate, cocoa and cocoa


It is a mixture of butter, cocoa, and sometimes sugar. Its origin goes back to pre-Hispanic times where before it was just a drink prepared with water and consumed without any additions.


This product is obtained after grinding the grains: of the three, it is the most pure because it is simply a powder and does not contain any kind of additional ingredients. Likewise, it contains antioxidants, acts as an antidepressant and provides energy for the body.


like him chocolateCocoa is obtained thanks to cocoa beans: it is roasted and in many cases sugar is added to balance the bitter taste of cocoa. Likewise, it is one of the main ingredients used in baking.

Now that you know the main differences between these foods, you will be able to recognize them without any problem when using them.

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