What is the meaning of Easter eggs?

There is no mention or mention of Easter eggs in the Bible. Photo: AFP

The Easter Holiday Celebrated on Sunday 4 April It marks the end Holy Week And from Easter Holiday, Which commemorates the memory the death And The resurrection from Jesus ChristOn the third day after his crucifixion Canon Bibles.

They are also called Easter Holiday a Easter HolidayThis celebration is celebrated in various places from the world With Religious processionsAs well as with Liturgical celebrations; For example, with an ornament Easter eggsBut what do they mean?

The an egg It is a symbol for Easter Holiday What it represents The beginning of life and fertility. to me Christians, sign to The resurrection of Jesus Christ Hope for a new life.

The eggs are given away Easter in Mexico?

Tender imitation eggs The Easter Holiday It is very old and popular in the countries of Central Europe, England and the United States; However, he is not in Mexico.

According to historians, a tradition of giving them the result of abstinence has arisen The Catholic Church Sent for preservation During the lent. in this period , Christians They could not eat meat, eggs, or dairy products. So when it’s a file lent, The believers Collected Before Iglesias And they gave th Decorated eggs.

  • It must be remembered in Bible There is no mention or mention Easter eggs Or a habit of abandoning it.

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