What is the most beautiful breed of cat ever?


Every cat owner believes that their cats are the most beautiful in the world. But this is not necessarily true.

Can science help us solve the question of which race Never Is he the most beautiful of all? The answer is yes, and there is indeed a study aimed at identifying the most beautiful cats.

Then we will tell you all about this scientific curiosity.

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cat beauty

A team of researchers from All about cats He conducted a study of applying the golden ratio to 46 different breeds of cats.

The golden ratio is a mathematical concept that defines beauty through the proportions of the face, body, or even in pieces of art. In simple words, it is an algebraic symmetry algorithm that underlies the human perception of gravity.

According to the conclusions of the study, the Norwegian Forest, Russian Blue and Manx cat breeds are the most attractive to the face from a purely aesthetic point of view, with almost perfect degrees of the golden ratio (1.62).

On the contrary, from this point of view, the most “ugliest” cats are Himalayan, Peterbald and Persian.

The essential beauty of cats

According to the manager All about catsDoron Wolfberg decided to conduct this study to definitively determine the most beautiful cat breed.

Doron Wolfberg himself believes that cats are beautiful in their own right, and captivate humans with their physical presence.

“No matter what the science says, you can’t help but be fascinated by all cats, no matter how symmetrical or compact their faces are,” Wolfberg said.

So even if you have one of the least attractive cats to study, it’s probably still pretty cute.


For the study, researchers collected images of the faces of 46 species of cats hosted by the Shutterstock photography service.

Each image of a cat’s face was then scaled to determine the ratio of several key features.

These included facial length, facial width, and nose width, as well as distances from the top of the head to the pupil, the pupils to the mouth, and the tip of the nose. Nose. Between the outer corners of the eyes, from the bottom of the ears to the pupils, chin to the mouth and the tip of the nose.

After collecting all of these measurements, the team passed them to a digital golden ratio calculator, which determined the average ratio score for each strain.

The ten most beautiful cats

These will be the 10 most beautiful cat breeds according to the study:

  • Norwegian Forest Cat (golden ratio 1.65)
  • Russian blue (1.65 golden ratio)
  • Manx (golden ratio 1.59)
  • Ragamuffin (golden ratio 1.67)
  • Siberia (Golden Ratio 1.67)
  • American Curl (Golden Ratio 1.56)
  • Selkirk Rex (Golden Ratio 1.69)
  • Siamese (golden ratio 1.55)
  • Maine Coon (golden ratio 1.71)
  • Egyptian Mau (Golden Ratio 1.72)

Conversely, the cats with the worst golden ratio were the Himalayans and Persians, due to their brachiocephalic characteristics, which earned them the dubious nicknames of “the ugliest of cat breeds.”

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