What is the status of the vaccination requirement in the United States? This is well known


What is the status of the COVID-19 vaccination mandate in the United States?

You have been suspended indefinitely due to recourse to the law, but employers can request it.

To control the spread of COVID-19, President Joe Biden has announced that companies with 100 or more employees must require vaccination or have their workers tested weekly for the coronavirus.

The rule was due to go into effect on January 4 and would affect about 84 million people across the country.

But soon after it was published by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, several legal challenges were filed from Republican corporations, conservative groups and prosecutors who claimed the agency had no authority to order vaccination.

On November 6, a federal appeals court in New Orleans blocked the ruling, saying it was too broad. Ten days later, all state appeals were consolidated into another appeals court in Cincinnati.

In a court document, lawyers for the Biden government argued that the requirement was necessary to limit transmission of the virus in the workplace and called for its enforcement to be allowed.

That of the corporation is one of the appealed vaccination requirements of the Biden government to the courts.

The same is true for two others, one for health care workers and one for federal contractors.

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