What is wellness and how do you exercise it?

What is wellness and how do you exercise it?

Wellness is an approach that seeks to maximize lifelong well-being. It’s about adopting healthy habits. We tell you more about it.

What is wellness and how do you exercise it?

Last updated: February 15 2022

the health It is a concept that refers to a state of complete well-being. In turn, it is about balance in different areas of life. The goal is to achieve good physical, mental and emotional health.

Until recently, luxury was defined as A country in which basic needs are met. However, today that concept has spread beyond “not bad”.

However, Do not confuse health With a simple concept of wellness. This is not just striving to be good, but striving for achievement. Therefore, it leads to the creation of the necessary conditions for each dimension of life.

What is wellness?

concept ‘health’ It translates into our language as “well-being”. agree with this, It is located around a Overall state of well-being Which brings together the emotional, social, spiritual, mental and physical realms.

The idea was born in the 1950s by Halbert L. den. Suggest that wellness goes beyond enjoying good health. Therefore, he stressed the need to adopt a lifestyle that enhances the mental, physical and spiritual state.

These principles have been accepted by Alternative Doctors and experimental psychologists. Then they spread to centers Spa, Travel and spa programs. As Dunn says, we should strive to balance the following six dimensions.

the health It means the search for integrated well-being.

1. Physical well-being

It’s about being sensitive to what the body is saying and responding in an understanding and gradual way. It is based on the following pillars:

  • A healthy and balanced diet.
  • Doing physical activity on a regular basis, appropriate to the capabilities and age of each person.

2. Emotional well-being

Emotional well-being refers to The ability to recognize and accept one’s feelings. Also, it’s the ability to Frustration managementStress and all its manifestations. It boils down to being good and understanding with oneself to be able to be with others.

3. Social care

the health It indicates that a person should be active and should contribute to the well-being of society and the environment. Solidarity and commitment to others are part of an individual’s well-being. Selfishness hurts those who practice it.

4. Spiritual Wellness

It is important for each person to establish a purpose and meaning for their existence. This leads to gaining a sense of transcendence. He. She my soul It is not necessarily about religion. But with the deepest meaning of human life.

5. Intellectual well-being

Intellectual activity is complementary to physical activity. The brain must receive stimuli that allow it to learn, solve problems, and be creative. No luxury when performing routine tasks, without giving a chance for real reflection.

6. Professional Wellness

in a health, Work is the primary dimension of personal fulfillment and enrichment. This depends on choosing a job that matches personal tastes and values. Also with the development of transversal skills that encourage personal development.

What are the benefits of wellness?

the health Helps establish balance in the essential dimensions of life. Of course, this affects a good mood and greater relaxation. In this case it is easier to achieve better performance in all activities and in relationships with others.

The benefits you provide health It can be manufactured as follows:

  • healthy lifestyle. It is a practice that reinforces healthy habitsFrom an objective and subjective point of view.
  • Encourage initiative. This method favors the production of creative ideas and solutions to problems. This way, you think and act more effectively.
  • positive mood. To the extent that health Promotes good relationships and effectiveness in actions, and also promotes a mood More positive and happy.

Ultimately, the health It makes a person more self-aware and more responsive to his needs. Makes well-being the basis for building a fuller life.

the health It suggests a healthy lifestyle that includes good nutrition, physical exercise and good habits.

Tips for practicing wellness

the health It’s a lifestyle, not a specific practice. It seeks to introduce healthy habits and not just contain the effects of bad habits. Therefore, it assumes continuous and stable changes so that it gives results. Put it into practice!

Physical activity

the physical exercise It must be constant in life. It should be practiced every day, until it becomes an indispensable routine. The most important thing is not to do intense activities, but rather regular ones. These should be adapted to personal characteristics and age.


A healthy diet is one that provides the nutrients necessary to obtain the energy that each person needs. All meals should contain proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats and sources of vitamins and minerals. A good breakfast is important.


Good sleep is essential to get good health in all dimensions. Every person should sleep the appropriate hours according to his age. in general, What is indicated is that it rests between 7 and 9 hours.

Full focus of the mind

Guided meditation is an extraordinary way of feeling, thinking, and giving thanks. It consists in listening to one’s thoughts “without judging or rejecting them”.

You can start exercising for 10 or 15 minutes. You have to find a comfortable place away from outside noise. Trying to stay focused is crucial. Then the time can be increased a little.

Social Media

Having loved ones is a source of mental health. Every day you should strive to connect with someone and spend at least 10 minutes. This not only enriches life, but is also a way to improve health.

What do we remember about wellness?

the health It’s a philosophy, but it’s also a technique that anyone can apply. All that is required is a desire to be better. It is a way to connect with oneself to increase well-being.

While there are sites that offer training courses health Weekend, the right thing to do is turn it into a lifestyle. Only in this way can real change be achieved.

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