What promotions are on Burger Day 2022? Today’s Deals

What promotions are on Burger Day 2022?  Today’s Deals

Mexico City /

east May 28In addition to playing the decisive duel in the Champions League between Liverpool and Real Madridhe is too Burger daySo key chains Offer available in the country Amazing Promotions You can not miss to enjoy this meeting.

Burger Day offers in Mexico

Carl Jr.

This American chain is getting on the Burger Day train in a very strange way: The famous star with cheese is served for only one mexican pesos.

However, if you want to get Burger For one peso you will have to first buy any combo on the menu and then order a famous star for one peso. The Promotion is valid in the dining room, to go and drive.

burger king

secondlyBurger King serves Whopper Jr. for 10 pesos only. In this case you do not need to buy a combo first, however, you will need to exchange The coupon (one per person) from its official app and has since moved to the nearest restaurant Promotion can only be made valid by in-place consumption.


McDonald’sFor its part, it always has promotions available every day, but it launched something special on this burger day: 50% off Big Mac Medium Soda.

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