What symptoms are considered effective?

What symptoms are considered effective?

When it comes to skin care, essential oils are usually a popular product among natural remedies for this purpose. One of them is coconut oil, which is associated with numerous health benefits.

According to the portal Mejor con Salud, coconut oil stands out due to the benefits attributed to it in the field of health and beauty. This is because it is a product rich in lauric acid, capric acid, and caprylic acid, which have antibacterial, antioxidant, and fungicidal properties, among others.

Regarding the benefits of coconut oil, the aforementioned portal mentions, for example, its ability to It helps lower cholesterol levels, boost immune system response and contribute to weight loss.

However, its most common use is in skin care. In fact, a study titled “The Medicinal Benefits of Coconut Oil” found that the main quality of coconut oil is its contribution to skin hydration.

“Coconut oil provides great benefits for the skin, comparable only to those provided by mineral oil. This oil is a safe option for preventing dry skin. In the same way, it reduces the appearance of wrinkles, and can be beneficial in treating certain conditions such as atopic dermatitis,” she says. Major Con Salud notes.

Composition of coconut oil

According to information from the medical encyclopedia MedlinePlus, approximately 52-85% of coconut oil consists of a specific saturated fat, called medium-chain fatty acids. In addition, he agrees that this substance has a moisturizing effect when applied to the skin.

Generally, people use coconut oil to treat eczema or dermatitis. This condition manifests as dry, itchy skin, as well as rashes on the face, inside the elbows and behind the knees, on the hands and feet.

It is also used to treat psoriasis, obesity, breast cancer, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, and many other conditions. But there is no good scientific evidence to support these usesnotes MedlinePlus.

In this ranking of ideas, the US National Library of Medicine gathers that applying coconut oil to the skin can reduce eczema symptoms in children more than applying mineral oil.

On the other hand, compared to the use of coconut oil to stimulate growth and development in premature infants, Applying it to the skin can improve body temperature, breathing, skin health, and general growth.

However, before going for coconut oil for any treatment, it is best to go to a medical professional for professional accompaniment.

Cold pressed coconut oil is one of the best sources of healthy fats. – picture: Getty Images / Image Source

Is coconut oil safe?

Coconut oil is generally consumed in food, however, It contains a type of fat (saturated fat) that can increase cholesterol levels.

Like all saturated fats, it should be eaten in moderation. Coconut oil may be safe when used as a short-term medication. Taking coconut oil in doses of 10 mL two or three times daily for up to 12 weeks appears to be safe.”

On the other hand, compared to using it directly on the skin, evidence suggests that it may be safe. Of course, if an allergic reaction occurs, it is advisable to stop using it and consult a doctor.

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