Science settled in 4200 centers in the field of research

Science settled in 4200 centers in the field of research

The Ministry of Science and Research has called for more than 2,400 fixed positions for research and technical staff. It will mean a 26% increase in the permanent workforce

the Ministry of Science Posted in BOE Call for 2,476 stable places For researchers and technicians in Public Research Institutions (OPIS), to which 1,670 civil servant positions have been added for scientific and technical staff within the government-promoted job offer.

In a memorandum sent by the Minister of Science and Innovation, today, Saturday, Diana Moranthighlighting that these jobs are better job opportunities for those researchers who had to leave to return or for those who stayed with a stable life project.

affiliate 2476 places stable of OPIS staff published by the Bank of England, 1,996 places They are for the Higher Scientific Research Council (CSIC); 363 for the Center for Energy, Environment and Technology Research (CIEMAT); 116 of the Carlos III Health Institute (ISCIII) and a for the ministry.

Morant stresses that this is the largest employment stabilization operation for and represents the main public research institutions in Spain Increase permanent staff by 26% Of these three OPIS.

88.5% of these positions are for technical and administrative staff, which will strengthen the structure of these organizations, and improve the operation of the Spanish research centers.

On the other hand, the government promoted the largest public employment offer in the past 15 years, increasing the Ministry of Science by 1,670 civil servant positions for scientists, technicians and administrators working in this office, of which 555 have already been contacted and 1,115 will be posted soon.

Of the total, there are 899 positions for research staff and 771 for technical and administrative staff.

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