WhatsApp Desktop | This is how the new photo to stickers converter will work | SPORTS-PLAY

WhatsApp Desktop |  This is how the new photo to stickers converter will work |  SPORTS-PLAY

We mean instant messaging app with more than 5 billion users around the world Not only does it serve news for Apple’s Android and iOS mobile phones, but also in the desktop or laptop web version. As you remember, one of the last functions that the green application added to WhatsApp Desktop was the basic design tools, which will allow you to edit your favorite photos without relying on the smartphone; However, today it was learned that a new option will arrive to convert any photo into a poster.

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All users of the above-mentioned Facebook app have been waiting a long time to get the basic design tools in it And the desktop, because today it has become a reality, because you can crop an image, put stickers, emojis, text and draw anything you can think of with a pencil, all from a PC or laptop.

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at this opportunity, WabetaInfo He clarified that WhatsApp was developing a new button that would be located next to the “Delete Once” icon, the latter appearing when you want to send a photo or video to any of your contacts. They called the new function “Send a picture as a sticker”, and you’ll get to know it mainly by having the stickers icon.

Since the tool is in the development stage, it is not available to beta testers and even less so in the official version. It is important to clarify that the option will be very useful when you want to create a poster instantly and without delay by installing third-party applications. WabetaInfo It is estimated that the future update will reach users of the beta version of Android and iOS.

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