WhatsApp | Find out what this icon represents, not the Eiffel Tower in Paris | SPORTS-PLAY

WhatsApp |  Find out what this icon represents, not the Eiffel Tower in Paris |  SPORTS-PLAY

It is one of the most important apps of all time, and the one with the most downloads globally, exceeding 5 billion users according to the record of Google Play. Through this instant messaging platform, you can send all kinds of multimedia files such as: images, videos, Word documents, Excel, PDF, etc., in addition to emojis, those symbols that serve to accompany your messages and that the conversation is not boring. This time we will explain what the emoji represents which many confuse with the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

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Many emojis for They have a certain similarity in terms of their design, however, this does not mean that they have the same meanings, as they were all created to express different things, such as: the yellow heart symbol, when someone receives it they think another person is in love with him, but this symbolizes true friendship.

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There is an emoji in The WhatsApp That many confuse it with the Eiffel Tower and they are completely wrong. You often see posts by tourists visiting France and put this icon which by the way is one of the most used icons in the world, ranking 682 out of more than 3 thousand, according to , which is a page dedicated to counting the number of times an emoticon is shared in real time on Twitter.

What does that mean

The icon, which many confuse with the Eiffel Tower, was created in Paris in 2010 and is named after her The WhatsApp Like the Tokyo Tower, it appears in red and white and is the second tallest building in all of Japan, located in Minato, Tokyo. The aforementioned building was built in 1957 and for obvious reasons was inspired by the Eiffel Tower in France, many may confuse it due to the small size of the icons, the web portal reports .

Emojis are known as

  • Eiffel tower.
  • The red tower.
  • Tokyo Tower.
A tearful facial emoji (Photo: Emojipedia).

Did you know that a new emoji pack was launched in September? We recommend that you click So you can find out which new emoji to use. Among them are “The Pregnant Man”, “Bitting the Mouth”, “Hands That Make up the Heart” and many others.

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