WhatsApp | This is what new chat bubbles look like on iPhone | SPORTS-PLAY

WhatsApp |  This is what new chat bubbles look like on iPhone |  SPORTS-PLAY

Do not stop and continue to surprise. A few days ago, the aforementioned green app introduced a new update where it added the functionality that will allow you to It’s a genuine Facebook Messenger tool that they have completely copied. Now, the instant messaging platform is known to have changed the design and color of bubbles in Apple’s iOS, do you want to know what they look like now? We will explain that below.

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on May 15 He made one of the worst mistakes in his life, because they reported that if Internet users did not accept his new terms and conditions, the service would stop working in a short time, and this cost him millions of users who migrated to other applications such as Telegram or Signal.

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After the aforementioned event, the app belonging to Facebook started offering a variety of updates that came with new tools such as: messages that disappear after 7 days, play audio at twice the speed, multi-device mode (still being tested), etc. This time, they have changed the design of bubbles in Apple’s iOS and it looks like the following according to the web portal .

On the left is the old model and on the right is the new model (Photo: mag)

On the left are the old designs and colors, depending on the dark or light situation, and on the right the new design and its color. As you can see, the model of this new update has a darker green color, and the chat bubbles are more rounded (next to the confirmation reading, you can notice it).

It is important to clarify that you can only see these details in the beta version of WhatsApp, is it another app? No, it’s the original app that has been turned into a beta version. Then we will leave you the steps to install it and enjoy the latest WhatsApp news.


  • The first thing you should do is download .
  • When you install it, simply In WhatsApp Beta for iPhone
  • Now you should be redirected back to TestFlight.
  • Press accept to get the placement and it will not take long to install WhatsApp beta on your cell phone.
  • It should be noted that participants in the WhatsApp beta are more limited on the iPhone.

Do you have a problem with WhatsApp? Do you need to report it? If you have any kind of problem, write to their contact email: [email protected] or [email protected]. You can also place the same order from your iPhone through the iOS exclusive service.

Now, if you need to make a general query, you can fill out the form using this link. There you just need to put your phone number, as well as your area code, then write your message after making your identification.

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