WhatsApp: New malware is spreading throughout the app to steal your personal information

WhatsApp: New malware is spreading throughout the app to steal your personal information

Companies assigned to Electronic security They are constantly investigating to detect viruses and other harmful elements that may affect your phones and computers. A well-known international company has come up with a new product Malware That spread through The WhatsApp It can steal your personal information.

An ESET researcher discovered a file Malware For Android that is spreading through the Facebook app. This malicious program masquerades as an official Huawei app to obtain permissions from the operating system. Moreover, it is able to repeat itself to infect other users.

How does new malware work?

It is a fake link to Play Store to download, very reliable. The link redirects to a website that simulates the Play Store interface, to download Huawei APK from which you can win a mobile phone.

But once the app is installed, it acquires permissions to read notifications as well as to run in the background and rely on other apps, thus being able to interfere to steal personal information.

An ESET researcher has discovered a new Android malware. Photo: Pixabay

“he is Malware It spreads through The WhatsApp About the victim by automatically responding to any WhatsApp message notification received, ”Detective Lukas Stefanko wrote on Twitter.

When you grant him the permissions, he displays a sharing message for the giveaway. Stefanco mentioned that the code is for this Malware Able to send automatic replies to contacts The WhatsApp Using the malicious virus download link.

The expert indicated that the intentions of the attackers were not entirely clear. However, the attack can spread quickly. “I can say that it could be through SMS, mail, social networks, chat channels, etc.”

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