If you are still not looking at the night sky, do so now. Moon Lobo looks impressive!


Mexico. One of the most impressive phenomena that you will be able to see this year takes place at this moment and you will be able to see it just by directing your eyes to the sky and enjoying its imposition werewolf That glows and disappears in the clouds.

This unique phenomenon is also known as Colors From ice, a cold moon, or an old moon, it occurs during the coldest season of the year, according to NASA, and is the first full moon that will appear during the year and be widely seen in the northern sky Sinaloa.

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Although this phenomenon was expected on Thursday, in this region it is slightly ahead of what will happen on January 28 with this impressive prominent moon in a half cloudy sky and a cold and windy environment.

It will be January 28 when the first moon of the year is recorded, meaning that the moon will be at its highest point, which will happen at 7:16 pm and will turn red, very large, and surrounded by clouds with the winds at an altitude.

What is the name of Luna de Lobo?

It is said that it was Native Americans in the United States that called it this way, because at that time wolves howl outside the villages increased even more. So if your little dogs bark or howl tonight, don’t panic, they are talking to the moon.

Still not looking at the sky? Do it now and enjoy the beautiful moon that will surprise you!

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