Telegram launches a post to steal users


Arguing Update WhatsApp privacy terms and conditions It hasn’t stopped yet. Users continue to migrate to another Messaging applications A glance How Signal x telegram For better control over your data. Now WhatsApp is facing a problem due to cable And his desire to steal users. Blue Messaging app has been updated to present an Migrate chats and chats from WhatsApp to Telegram Simply and efficiently. This very Bad news for WhatsApp.

WhatsApp loses millions of users daily

right Now WhatsApp is losing millions of users They switch daily to other messaging apps. cable He is one of the main beneficiaries of this migration and now puts a tool on the table to grab the attention of the latecomers.

One of the reasons you are lazy Switch messaging app It’s the conversations and chat history. Losing it during migration is not something that everyone wants to do, and so are millions of users They stay on WhatsApp So as not to lose your records.

Telegram now allows you to migrate the chats that you have on WhatsApp

WhatsApp and Telegram

Yesterday it was updated cable Unveiling the new functionality for Immigration chat. It is a function that allows Copy all chats you have on WhatsApp to Telegram in a few minutes. This means that after you migrate the app, you will be able to keep all the history of the contacts you talk to.

The feature is easy to use and will only take a few minutes to run. This is possible thanks to “Chats exportPowered by WhatsApp. You can export conversations and then choose a contact in Telegram to assign these messages to. You will have it almost automatically WhatsApp conversation on Telegram With the same messages.

It’s a job that can do a lot of damage The WhatsApp, Although we find it difficult to migrate users en masse to other apps eventually. The WhatsApp It has hundreds of millions of users, and many of them don’t care much about what they do with their data.


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