WhatsApp: Why does it appear online even when I’m not online?

WhatsApp: Why does it appear online even when I’m not online?

This is the reason you appeared in The WhatsApp As ‘Online’ even when you are not connected to the app.

It sure happened to you that someone claimed you were online and you didn’t send them a message, but you were never online. The WhatsApp He explained to users that there is nothing to write about in the house that does not require a security alert. It doesn’t mean that your account has been hacked or anything like that. This is why this actually happens.

It is one of the most frequent problems of the application, and the most reported problems by users. Although WhatsApp is constantly releasing new updates and improvements to its messaging system, there are some bugs that still lag behind.

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According to the Firewire website when opening the file The WhatsApp Not only is what you see on the screen running, but there are multiple processes in the background. Which means that even when it looks like you’ve closed the app, it still works, because it wasn’t completely closed. This is why there is a delay of seconds, or up to two minutes, where your account continues to appear as online even when you are not actually online.

This problem should not last more than 10 or 30 seconds. Since it means that your cell phone may display general system failures that slow it down significantly. The solution to making you stop appearing to be ‘Online’ even when you are not is to force close the app.

This may be the case if you are using the app in its web version for PC or MacBecause while you seem not connected to your cell phone, your messages and profile are still open from another device

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