WhatsApp will lock your account forever if you download GB WhatsApp

WhatsApp will lock your account forever if you download GB WhatsApp

The WhatsApp she is one from apps The most widely used in the world for exchanging instant messages, due to this popularity, unofficial versions of the application have begun to appear that can put you Privacy.

One such unofficial version is GB WhatsApp And since the downloads of this app have increased recently, the creators of WhatsApp have reported that accounts using this alternative will be permanently closed.

What is GB WhatsApp?

If you are using GB WhatsApp, you will surely know its functions already, but if not, we make it clear that this application is a modified and unofficial version of the original.

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Among its main functions and of course the most noticeable is that it allows its users to have a more advanced version of the official version, with which new tools will be available.

In addition, this application allows us to make our conversations more customizable, and while all this may sound very tempting, the bad news is that installing this APK file can pose many risks.

The first and most important is that, since it is not an official app, to download it to your smartphone, you have to do it outside of Google Play, which puts your device at great risk.

Therefore, your personal data, including bank passwords, conversations and even the inner workings of your cell phone, may be violated.

In the face of these risks, The WhatsApp It indicated that if it detects that you are using a modified version, your account will be suspended forever.

If this happens, you will never be able to use WhatsApp with your number, so to access the app, you will have to get a new phone number.

To avoid this kind of inconvenience, we recommend that you delete this APK file and switch to the original version, which will be updated gradually over the months and allow you to use new tools.

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