Oppo “expands” the RAM in its phones up to 7 GB with a software update

Oppo “expands” the RAM in its phones up to 7 GB with a software update

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Oppo has added an interesting feature to its ColorOS operating system to differentiate itself from other Android phone manufacturers.

RAM+ is, for practical purposes, a software update that expands the amount of RAM available on some terminals by making use of a portion of ROM, which is normally used for storage.

Expanding RAM through storage is a common feature of desktop operating systems, but only We saw in another mobile operating system: OriginOS by Vivo (another company of the Chinese group BBK Electronics to what belongs to Oppo).

RAM+ came to phones like the Vivo X60 Pro last year, increasing the amount of available RAM from 8GB to 11GB or from 12GB to 15GB.

Now the RAM+ will arrive on Oppo Reno and Oppo A series terminals in select markets, but with the benefit of more storage space than Vivo terminals. according to slash gearFor some models, Oppo is planning to add up to 7GB of RAM with a software update.

RAM + . is deployed On the Oppo Reno 5, Oppo A94 and Oppo A74 series. The only downside is that they do it The first in the Middle East and Africa, and there is no information on its spread in other markets.

Regarding her work, the Users will have to activate the option from the configuration menu of their phones. The company says there will be three levels of tuning available, which suggests users will be able to decide how much “RAM” they want to add from storage.

Keep in mind that flash memory used for storage is slower than RAM, and expanding RAM will leave less space for storing apps, photos, and videos.

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